The SNP Owes Scotland an Apology


The SNP hate all nationalisms but their own putrid nationalism. They despise American nationalism; the American working class voter is a loathsome degenerate, a slave of Trump and Christian dogma; they hate French nationalism, a relic of old Europe with a direct link with Islamophobia; Theresa May; oh by Jove! That high priestess of hate, dragging Scotland out of Europe against its will – she is a moral criminal; the worst kind of nationalist – a British nationalist! They hate all peoples and enslaved the world, including us brave Scotch! They are the real basket of deplorables.  Standing tall on their moral soap-box  the SNP  evangilise their moral superiority to these nationalisms. And yet the SNP are growing to the idea that the world will be better with more of their nationalism.  Listen to that perfect hypocrisy.  The problem is other nationalisms, the solution is Scottish nationalism. Well, how convenient, how could I not see the light? It is not like any other nationalism has ever offered that solution, is it? This time, it’s different; it’s not like the superiority of American, French, English or any other nationalism; it’s better, more tolerant. Well isn’t that modest? Or maybe just the most chauvinistic and nationalistic thing I have ever heard and a statement that reveals the dark heart of Scottish nationalism, its inherent racism.

Hugh MacDiarmid: The Cultural Symbol for National Renewal was a Fascist

This tolerant nationalism has destroyed two countries – Scotland and the UK – and we should demand an apology for the great disruption and harm this nationalist dogma has caused to Scotland and Great Britain. Scottish nationalism presents itself as civic, accepting of all identities; Syrian refugees are welcome; Eritrean migrants can call Scotland home. Yet, should you be a Scot who identifies with Britain, and wish to maintain our Union, you are not welcome, you are a traitor. There is the plain farce of Scottish nationalism: it welcomes an Iraqi from 4000 miles away but excludes your neighbour; it reaches out to the EU and Brussels but alienates, estranges, and ostracises 55% of the people who live in Scotland. This is not progress but the destruction of not one country, the UK, but two – the UK & Scotland. For this continued act of destruction, under the sword of nationalism, we demand an apology.

The responsibility that comes with civic power is crucial; the nationalists have abused that power. The SNP have ascended to a cosmic political height; their recent achievements are unsurpassed in electoral history. But let’s be clear, the SNP have demonstrated irresponsibility with power akin to a wayward teenager; their decision making a vertiginous shit stained mess, and as a consequence Scotland’s saviours have turned Scotland’s public services,  once recognised for their excellence across the globe,   into an international joke. The Holyrood committees, whose primary purpose is to hold the Scottish Government to account, are crammed with a shocking cabal of pliable misfits, a mirage of MSPs, a vast array of plastic politicians, wretched runners for a wretched cause, that neglect their civic responsibility to scrutinize the government, and nod along with their masters with all the determined fury of a Motorhead fan listening to Ace of Spades.


Yousaf: Oversaw the Slow Collapse of the Transport Network

Free of oversight, the Scottish Government exacts its agenda with dire consequences for the ordinary individual. The economy has shrunk, education standards have taken a permanent lousy turn; the NHS is ailing, and the transport network is creaking. All power is subsumed into that ideological skank and intellectual whore, separation.  Power is a grim idol that the world adores, said William Hazlitt and so it has come to pass.  So caught in the warm embrace of nationalism, and the warm glow of power that the SNP exert, these so called critics of parliament have become, caught in the tide of hysteria, obstinate adherents to the SNP, have become a society of the divine right; traitors to civic responsibility. This complacency is borne out in the behaviour of MP’s.  Two MP’s –  Natalie McGarry and Michelle Thompson – are under police investigation;  while Angus MacNeil uses tax payer money to pay for hotel rooms for his lewd infidelity. We demand an apology for this abuse of power.


Both MP’s are Despicable Opportunists

An apology for the political sham that was the 2014 separation referendum should always be offered. Sturgeon has shown a sectarian contempt for the majority of Scots that voted for the Union, and infected the body politic with a nationalistic poison leading to political dysfunction. Good governments govern for all, but she willfully ignores the better half of Scotland, the reasoned and thoughtful half. In my opinion, the SNP and those voters who voted for separation in 2014, should be thanking us for being possessed with the sense to reject their vote for separation. The separatists based the entire future of our country on fictional oil figures. The beloved beacon of social democracy, Norway, does not behave with such wanton recklessness; you know why? Because the price of commodities are unstable and prone to catastrophic collapse. Where would Scotland be now? Free?!?! No! We would be enthralled to the IMF and like Ireland post 2008, economists would be running our public finances; like Latvia, our NHS slashed and privatised; like Greece, our pensions liquidated, and like Europe eternally tethered to a poisonous currency and an austerity super state. Should these voters value freedom they should be down on their knees begging us for forgiveness. You almost destroyed the country. Today, nationalists, call that near act of suicide, failure. And you want another vote!?!?!  Are you mad??  Well we should be! Should anyone ever question your patriotism tell them this sweet fact: our vote for the union saved us from turning Scotland into Greece, pimped out by the IMF to the highest bidder.

The Scottish National Party 2017 Spring Conference Day Two

The Age of the Messianic Politics: Followers are Beguiled by Power

Is there any humility for 2014? Any recognition of the momentous blunder? No. In fact, Sturgeon has doubled down on her utopian vision and upped her hatred of the UK, undermining the UK by going to the EU to seek allies in her Godly crusade, what an emphatically profane act of arrogance. Horrified by the brass neck of such actions, the EU paid for her ticket home.  In a move replicating Irish nationalism, Sturgeon went to America to seek sympathisers to her cause. What exactly is the First Minister thinking? Her senses fully detached of reason, she feels it acceptable to stir sentiment for the destruction of the British state in America while still demanding equality in the British parliament? Is this some C.S. Lewis fantasy where the laws of the nature do not apply? We demand an apology for this lack of humility and continued insult to the Scottish people

When Alice chased the rabbit down the Rabbit hole she found the mad hatter. When Sturgeon chased the nationalist dream down the rabbit hole she did so, hand-in hand and headlong, already with accompanied by a prattling idiot, Alex Salmond. In this universe treating people with perfect disrespect and expecting parity in return is believable, but oor tartan Alice is in for a rude awakening. Hubris is swiftly accompanied by nemesis, and Sturgeon, with her arrogance and lack of humility, is setting herself up to be the another example of that great political mythology, nemesis.  That may very well come in the form of a Conservative resurgence in June.


The SNP’s Immigration Problem


The SNP are stacking-up an armoury of grievances to support their ideological objective of dissolution of the Union.  Since Brexit, Scotland’s unmatched matron of mischief has cast another ingredient into her toxic nationalistic brew to support the case for separation – the free movement of labour. Enshrined in EU law and pillar of the four-freedoms free movement has been tossed onto the nationalist fire. With the uncontrolled will of runaway crazy train, the SNP have set Scotland on a crash course with Britain, mining the future with numerous booby-traps that will trigger another referendum.  Not diverging from the odious habits of the SNP, blackmail was the order of the day. Free movement of people was Sturgeon’s red line for Theresa May, should she cross that threshold the SNP would trigger a new referendum.  Acknowledging this behaviour fit for medieval royal usurpation, May dutifully called the wanton political mercenary out on her shameless ransom. No supplicant well-turned knee was observed to this brazen act of bravado and show-woman-ship.


Nippy Told to Bolt

The free movement argument exposes a deeper hypocrisy; the SNP’s ability to cross and devour any ethical line in pursuit of their cause.  Only last weekend did Alasdair Allan proclaim that Scotland has ‘369,000 migrants from outside the UK’ and generally speaking these are young ambitious workers that bring important skills to the job market that contribute to our economy.Like the broad beam of a lighthouse on a cliff, the SNP positions itself as a sanctuary for EU migrants and a beacon of light in the hostile waters of Brexit.  They are protectors of EU migrants; in fact, they stipulate their intentions for a greater intake of EU migrants, they are indispensable to the Scottish economy. The mantra is tireless and consistent.Noble indeed, but it appears that political expediency is not without its irony.


Allan: Pro EU Migrant but Anti Gay Marriage

The SNP proclaim to be the protectors of EU migrants yet they are employing them as a tool for political purposes. Their current position is fraught with pitfalls and dangers that seem invisible to upper echelons of Scottish stasi.  The next referendum will not be all bon homie and celebration, morals have become coarsened and the ideological lines hardened. The trench-lines are drawn and the whistle for attack ready to be heard. There exists a rightful and just silent resentment in segments of the Unionist camp; their votes and opinions have been discarded with the shoddy consideration reserved for Christmas trees in January. On the otherside of no-man’s-land, the nationalists possess a demonic zeal. Chastened and feeling cheated, they march to the beat of sweet revenge, looking to exercise the demons of 2014.  Should the cold war heat up, immigration will become a central talking point, particularly EU immigrants. The new referendum is being waged in the context of Brexit, immigration therefore will be crucial, and it already is. MSP Alasdair Allan, SNP, claimed that reducing EU immigration does ‘serious harm’ to Scotland. Placing EU migrants at the centre of the constitutional tempest is ill-advised in the extreme.

The SNP’s endemic short-termism and pursuit of their ideological dreams has placed immigrants in harm’s way. Yet these are the same individuals who vilify others for employing immigrants as a political football. We are told how rancid the Brexiteers are for using immigration as political capital, an unholy and selfish act that could lead to recriminations against migrants and minorities. Yet they would have you believe that placing them front and centre in the bludgeoning battle for the soul of a nation is not only completely responsible but virtuous. What perfect twaddle. That reasoning demonstrates the terminal stupidity of the nationalists: relentless moral signalling; little consideration.

The hypocrisy unravels further: The British Union is of greater importance to Scotland than the EU. The SNP peacocks its moral worth by being the sole protector of the Scottish economy and EU immigrants:  but what of our fellow countrymen?  Where is the respect and due consideration of the Northern Irishmen who has made Scotland his home? Or the Mancunian who has set-up trade in the burgeoning digital industry? Who speaks for them in the endless pursuit of national disintegration? Brought on by the gale of nationalistic fervour, 500,000 British people living in Scotland will become foreign nationals overnight. It does not suit the SNP to fight for their rights or acknowledge their existence or contribution to the economy. For let’s be clear here, Scotland relies on those people to fund its hospitals, build its railways, educate our children, and house our homeless.

According to the SNP, Scotland should remove itself from Britain because we need EU migrants; their loss does ‘serious harm’ to our country, but what about the British in Scotland? Scotland’s population grew to 5.2 million; the largest in its history, an  unprecedented statistic brought on due to the inward migration of fellow Brits. In fact they comprise a large part of Scotland; 514,000 people from Northern Ireland, Wales and England compared to 173,000 from the EU.  Net migration from the Union is greater than the EU. Scotland relies far more heavily on the British union for workers than the EU. In fact, Scotland relies more heavily on immigration from around the world than it does from the EU.  When Alasdair Allan proclaimed that Scotland has ‘369,000 migrants from outside the UK’ he deliberately conflated EU and non-EU migrants. EU migrants count for less than half of all foreign migrants, 10% of those are students that cost the Scottish Government £25.6 million, in 2013-14.  Furthermore, the British government currently has no major plans to alter international immigration from non-EU countries. Mr Allan just shamelessly uses those figures to make the EU numbers appear larger than they are. The EU migrant argument is a dead stick and should be ignored and challenged consistently. Do we need EU migrants? Yes. Do we need the EU? Preferably. Do we need them as much as we need the union? Never.

Buzzfeed was Wrong to Reveal Trump’s Moscow Misdemeanors


Imaginary enemies exert the greatest power in politics; they exercise the mob into hysterical frenzy.  In interwar Europe, the nation’s plotting villain was Judea-Bolshevism.  Germany, Poland, Hungary, and numerous other nations, busied their minds with seditious Jews that were foot-soldiers of amoral Communism, ceaselessly calculating the immediate dissolution of Christian values and the corruption of the nation.  Bolshevism was a godless wrecking-ball orchestrated by the timeless agent provocateur, the Jew.  This racist myth was powerful and had terrific staying power. Hitler was enthralled to the idea and possessed a pathological commitment to the total destruction of communism and European Jewry.

Reichstag fire

The Reichstag Fire Proved Hitler’s Lies

The dictator maintained this lie with fanatical consistency.  Although entirely untrue, events lent themselves to Hitler’s dark fantasy.  In 1933, a young Dutch Communist named Marinus van der Lubbe set the Reichstag Fire ablaze. Ever the opportunist, Hitler enthusiastically embraced the idea that the parliament’s destruction evidenced what he had always professed:  the Communists were intent on destroying Germany.  Emboldened by his insight, Hitler cynically exploited the fire to consolidate his power.

Should Buzzfeed have had the faintest grasp of history, they would have erred on the side of caution and delayed the release of unverifiable documents.  Since the American Primaries, Trump has constructed a powerful imagined enemy – the press.  Trump and is wagon of political hyenas maintained with goose-stepping consistency that the mainstream press has orchestrated an elaborate conspiracy against the billionaire.  In May 2016, a close aide of Trump, Roger Stone declared that CNN “was not a news organisation but an advocacy group.” and that “When Trump is President, he should turn off their FCC license.” Trump has repeatedly attacked the media and taken excessive measures to ensure only positive stories are aired. The Washington Post, the New York Times, the Atlantic, Buzzfeed, The Daily Beast, and the Huffington Post have all had journalists banned from Trump events. His limitless thuggery extended to unprecedented legal threats; the bullish plutocrat promised to change the libel laws when he became president, an audacious authoritarian manoeuvre that would provide the opportunity to gag the press.

Watergate Woodward And Bernstein

Bernstein and Woodward Brought Down Nixon with Evidence

The media conspiracy is part of a broader strategy; the corrupt establishment.  The media have been portrayed as puppets of the liberal order, an integral part in an intricate spoke that has mobilizied against him and his followers in order to protect the establishment.  At the centre of this rear-guard action were the Clintons, through years of concentrated cunning they ruled the political swamp. The Arkansas dynasty pulled one lever and CNN beamed a gross smear about Trump; they pulled another and PBS broadcast another terrific slander. The dreamed-up whispering campaign was an omnipresent feature of the Trump campaign and was a crucial factor in his success. It was part of the broader mosaic; he was the underdog speaking on behalf of a voiceless people against privileged elite that were corrupt and committed to preserving their position.   Media complicity in establishment corruption is a central idea in Trumpism.


The Campaign was Predicated on Conspiracy

Buzzfeed gives succour to Trump’s myth making;the left-wing news-website appears oblivious to this defining feature of Trumpism. Perhaps they are aware of the traits of Trumpism but are unaware that they are potentially feeding the destructive myth.  In their haste Buzzfeed may contribute to worsening the state of affairs and hardening the myth. Hiding behind the digital idealism of “we will let the people decide from themselves” is insufficient reason for political recklessness. Corroboration is sacrosanct precisely because such disclosures are loaded with earth-shattering political consequences.  When the Washington Post exposed the Watergate Affair and Richard Nixon’s authoritarian leanings, they did so by weight of evidence. Under a barrage of bomb-proof sources, the President had no available retreat and was promptly impeached. When the Boston Globe declared the Catholic Church an international paedophile ring it done so by the unquestionable sincerity and granite solid testimony of hundreds of witnesses. When Glen Greenwald and Edward Snowden revealed the NSA’s colossal thievery they done so with the support of terabytes of information.  Buzzfeeds’s amazing accusations are unsubstantiated and hard to impossible to verify.

That salient point can be easily exploited; it fits squarely into the narrative of a corrupt media on perpetual guard of the establishment swamp.  Buzzfeed’s rage for President-elect may have blurred their ethical vision; they were intent on shooting the Trump campaign down prior to his arrival in the White House. To pull the trigger, however, through a distorted lens invites misfire and calamity.  That is precisely why journalistic ethics are vital to a healthy political society; once they lose the moral high ground the media lose all intellectual authority. That is why the New York Times, The Guardian, and the Washington Post refused to print the leaked document – it leaves these important institutions naked to accusations that they are no better than Trump.

Should the Reichstag Fire teach us anything, it is that this slip in journalistic ethics can be exploited with mouth-watering malice.  With Trump insisting that CNN and Buzzfeed “are going to feel the consequences” Trump is now potentially poised to fulfil his desire to permanently muzzle the media.

Rio 2016; The Perfect Games for Our Times



International sport is ‘war minus the shooting’, according to George Orwell.  When reflecting upon the brutality of the 20th century, Orwell may well have been right. Propaganda, wild  national chauvinism, and sport combined to create an international spectacle that vaunted the virtues and superiorities of nations.  The Cold War did little to dampen international one-upmanship and transformed the Olympics turned into a political theatre, a battleground for ideological pre-eminence.  Today viral nationalisms are rare but Orwell’s key observation remains:  the Olympics are an insight into world affairs. Rio de Janeiro was a microcosm of world and national issues; most notably elitism, corruption, and crony corporatism.

One can imagine the IOC’s vision of a Rio Olympics back in 2009; Christ the Redeemer the spectacular backdrop to the cycling; Copacabana the arena  for the beach volleyball,  providing an iconic tableaux for sporting eternity. Brazil’s world-renowned culture – from striking visual art and funk dance parties in the favelas to street dancing – would infuse the Olympics with a raw democratic energy. Brazil could afford the arenas and transportation costs; heralded as one of the BRIC’s, the South American powerhouse was destined for prosperous sunny uplands,  a glorious spectacle and prestigious Olympic debut for the region. In 2016 Brazil would emphatically announce itself into the Pantheon of great world democracies by hosting the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’; the Olympics!

That was the vision, the reality was exceptionally different!  Brazil is an economic, social, and political basket case.  Massive expenditure/budget cuts have decimated public services, universities are on strike, police stations are without stationary and road-worthy vehicles, half-a-million state workers received their wages late, and unemployment is increasing.  Healthcare spending has decreased significantly at a most inopportune time; during the height of the Zika epidemic. The Olympics will fade into insignificance when a generation of children are born with serious deformities.

To  fund the Olympics, the Brazilian federal government undertook a bail-out of the city of Rio de Janiero to the tune of one billion dollars.

To exacerbate this precarious situation there has been an increased prevalence of violence from which not even Olympians were immune. The murder rate for police and citizens is at a record high.

The establishment that oversaw these catastrophes is now embroiled in unprecedented corruption scandals.  Between 2002 and 2008, profits soared in Brazil’s state-owned oil company Petrobras; from $2(US) billion to $19 billion. Since then successive governments have somehow squandered billions of dollars so much so that today Petrobras debt stands at $100 billion. In the greatest political scandal in Brazilian history, politicians siphoned off $2 billion into their own coffers. Instead of distracting the general public the Olympic Games agitated public distrust and scepticism.  The Rio Games  exceeded its $13 billion budget long ago and the final figure is yet to be determined.

Demolition Of Rio Favela Continues Ahead Of Summer Olympics

The Signs of Inequality

Ironically the IOC mirrors Brazil’s political degeneration; they  share a culture of elitism and corruption governed by an entitled capitalist aristocracy. Norway’s 2022 Winter Olympics bid illustrated the dysfunction, decadence and hubris of the organisation. The Olympic Games contract requirements are more akin to requirements of Victorian royalty or a self-indulgent musical diva than to sporting ambassadors. They demanded:

‘to meet the king prior to the opening ceremony; afterwards, there shall be a cocktail reception, the drinks should be paid for by the royal palace or the local organising committee; separate lanes shall be created on all roads where IOC members will travel, which are not to be used by regular people or public transportation. A welcome greeting from the local Olympic boss and the hotel manager should be presented in IOC members’ rooms, along with fruit and cakes of the season.’

Asking for your own personal road, is this not the height of megalomania? Donald Trump appears humble in comparison to these self-anointed and sanctified elite.

In many ways, the Ryan Lochte robbery fiasco exemplified this attitude of privileged entitlement. Lochte and his frat house douche bag cronies; too much slang) acolytes believed they could arrive in Rio and treat it as their own. Turning up in a financially broken city, Lochte decided to cause more damage. Taking inspiration from the Simpson’s episode ‘the Simpson’s Go To Brazil’, the American swimmer spun a convoluted yarn about being robbed in a cab at gun-point by assailants dressed as police officers. The  scanty attempt to cover his tracks unravelled quicker than a Taylor Swift relationship. Lochte had actually urinated all over a gas station, kicked off a toilet door, and then, like some 18th century feudal lord, flung some money at a gas attendant in a token effort to offset any inconvenience.


Homer could Teach Lochte How to Behave

Corruption stained the Rio games well before the opening ceremony. The IOC was guilty of ignoring doping allegations and revelations. Its failure to eliminate Russia for state-sanctioned doping was a dismally toothless response that failed to protect clean athletes and the integrity of the Olympics. The IOC’s inaction was evidently influenced by the possible financial implications of one the largest nations not competing and consequently they abrogated their responsibility by cunningly transferring the final decision to individual sports’ federations.

Predictably, corruption reared its ugly head during the games. In the pocket of Moscow, corrupt boxing judges cost Irish boxer Michael Conlan a gold medal.  Incredibly, Conlan (literally) beat his opponent Vladimir Nikitin so badly he could not compete any further in the Olympics. One would think the IOC would clamp down on such obvious sporting criminality.  Instead of decisive action the IOC passed responsibility onto the boxing federation. Although sent home, the cheats remained anonymous but were neither named nor shamed. Michael Conlan put it best in a tweet, ‘Wow, this says a lot about AIBA, sending judges home who ruin dreams, what happens 2 the ppl whose dreams were ruined?’ The message is clear: Money succeeds principles. Is it any wonder that vast swathes of empty seats were embarassingly visible in so many Olympic arenas? The Olympics is not a symbol of hope but of inequality and injustice.

Rio was the truthful Olympics; the perfect Olympics of our time. The unscrupulous Brazilian politicians that destroyed Brazil emulate the IOC ambassadors that are slowly extinguishing the Olympic flame. They could be twins separated at birth, they have identical features and manners; both are elitists, embroiled in unprecedented corruption scandals that threaten their very existence. We can draw this Olympics out into a global context. The same injustices that fuel Brazilian political discontent and antipathy to the IOC are the same wrongs that charge Trumpism and Brexit. Privileged elites are above accountability grazing in the good-paddock at the public’s expense, while the rest are forgotten. Perhaps many tuned out for this reason; perhaps it was the perfect Olympics for this time in history.


The Problem with Brexit and Scottish Independence



The Scottish nationalist’s grievance arsenal is being loaded with a new theme should Brexit materialise.  In their minds, a Brexit would be the silver bullet that demonstrated the unbridgeable chasm between Britain and Scotland, triggering a new referendum, and a replay of the 2014 Referendum. But a Leave vote is potentially loaded with dangerous ultimatums for the SNP. The British people would have decided to create their own unique economic system that works in their best interests, an incredible political action that would raise the economic stakes and may leave Scotland with two blunt choices: the Union or the EU.

Post-Brexit the currency union becomes a critical debating point. During the Scottish Referendum, this was an emotive topic, as was membership of the EU; Salmond never convinced on both. Should a Brexit materialise these will become key talking points. In 2014, Salmond’s currency union was predicated on both Scotland and England being in the EU, a shared currency linked Scotland’s powerful financial sector to the City of London, ensuring co-operation, and safe-guarding the important financial hubs of Edinburgh and Glasgow. Post-Brexit a currency union becomes impossible as Scotland and England will be operating in two completely separate markets. In these circumstances, Salmond’s currency vision vanishes; you cannot have an EU member state with the same currency as a non-EU member state.  A Brexit kills Salmond’s position on currency and raised deep questions about what separate Scotland’s currency would adopt; Scotland would be forced towards the Euro.

Trade becomes a Gideon Knot, an intractable economic problem that works against Scottish separation. The UK and America are by some distance Scotland‘s most valuable trading partners; they out-strip the EU and provide the vast majority of our exports. According to the Scottish Government, Britain comprises of £48.5 billion (64%) of our total exports; the rest of the world accounts for £15.2 billion; and the EU, £11.6 billion. Our prosperity is more dependent on Britain than the EU by a considerable distance. This raises profound questions for the SNP. Should this be 2014 and Scotland voted to Leave, the EU would have secured trade between Scotland and Britain. A Brexit would irrevocably alter this reasoning; the island of Great Britain would be comprised of two completely separate markets. Our biggest trading partner would be alien.
This raises important questions and brings forth the striking hypocrisy of the second referendum proposal. A UK referendum is bringing us out the EU, one of our key markets (15%  of trade). This has a major effect on our material circumstances. Therefore we must have a referendum to come out of our largest market, the UK (70% of trade) an act that would be severely detrimental to our material circumstances. An incredible proposition, really. Do we opt out of Britain, our most valuable market, diminishing our relationship with our largest trader to integrate with the EU? Do we create an island comprised of separate markets? Do we hanker so hungrily for the EU? Brexit is a perfect fiasco that alters the calculus of the constitutional question profoundly.

With Britain deciding to go it alone to create its own economic model, Scotland would have to decide between Europe and the Euro or Britain and Sterling. This is nowhere near as smooth as what was proposed in 2014; Brexit would result in greater risk and higher stakes. This time you are not leaving your biggest trading partner – Britain – and then working with them in the same market, the EU. But you would be abandoning your biggest trading partner for another trading partner, the EU. In this scenario, a second independence referendum would be based on two choices: do you want the European Union or do you want the British Union; the Euro or the Pound; Westminster or Brussels. Should Scotland be independent and join the EU there will be no currency union and no free trade with Brexit Britain.
In this case “Project Fear” may become a reality. Scots will squirm at the prospect of Euros being deposited into their bank accounts instead of  Sterling. According to polls, the Union will survive a Brexit, there is no hunger for independence. Paint this picture – the Euro or Sterling – and independence becomes more difficult. Scotland loves Britain, but does it love Europe more? In the last election Scots voted Tory to bolster the strength of the Union. This time the SNP will not have the fantasy oil figures to rely on. Serious questions will also be asked about the public purse. Not mention that entry into the EU demands that you balance your budget, neoliberal talk for austerity. This is a potentially toxic cocktail.
Politics is the art of controlling your environment; for the SNP a Brexit flares up too many unknowns. Ideally they want Remain to win; the implications would be more favourable. Britain may have a rejuvenated UKIP, the positions of Cameron and Osbourne will be insecure, with the possibility of a right-wing coup in the Conservative Party. This is familiar terrain, the nationalist movement is defined against the Tories, these factors you can control and exploit; it’s a chaotic right-wing government run by a platoon of usurping bandits, running head-long to oblivion. Critically, however, Scotland would still be able to trade with its biggest trading partner, the UK, under the EU umbrella. That’s the SNP’s best option, and probably the likely outcome. However, should a Brexit materialise, the UK would have emphatically rejected the EU model. Current polls suggest Scotland will vote Remain. Sturgeon will rightfully make hay out of this outcome and raise the possibility of a second referendum. But with that comes a host of potential, unprecedented problems.  The labyrinthine constitutional question would take another unexpected turn.