The SNP Owes Scotland an Apology


The SNP hate all nationalisms but their own putrid nationalism. They despise American nationalism; the American working class voter is a loathsome degenerate, a slave of Trump and Christian dogma; they hate French nationalism, a relic of old Europe with a direct link with Islamophobia; Theresa May; oh by Jove! That high priestess of hate, dragging Scotland out of Europe against its will – she is a moral criminal; the worst kind of nationalist – a British nationalist! They hate all peoples and enslaved the world, including us brave Scotch! They are the real basket of deplorables.  Standing tall on their moral soap-box  the SNP  evangilise their moral superiority to these nationalisms. And yet the SNP are growing to the idea that the world will be better with more of their nationalism.  Listen to that perfect hypocrisy.  The problem is other nationalisms, the solution is Scottish nationalism. Well, how convenient, how could I not see the light? It is not like any other nationalism has ever offered that solution, is it? This time, it’s different; it’s not like the superiority of American, French, English or any other nationalism; it’s better, more tolerant. Well isn’t that modest? Or maybe just the most chauvinistic and nationalistic thing I have ever heard and a statement that reveals the dark heart of Scottish nationalism, its inherent racism.

Hugh MacDiarmid: The Cultural Symbol for National Renewal was a Fascist

This tolerant nationalism has destroyed two countries – Scotland and the UK – and we should demand an apology for the great disruption and harm this nationalist dogma has caused to Scotland and Great Britain. Scottish nationalism presents itself as civic, accepting of all identities; Syrian refugees are welcome; Eritrean migrants can call Scotland home. Yet, should you be a Scot who identifies with Britain, and wish to maintain our Union, you are not welcome, you are a traitor. There is the plain farce of Scottish nationalism: it welcomes an Iraqi from 4000 miles away but excludes your neighbour; it reaches out to the EU and Brussels but alienates, estranges, and ostracises 55% of the people who live in Scotland. This is not progress but the destruction of not one country, the UK, but two – the UK & Scotland. For this continued act of destruction, under the sword of nationalism, we demand an apology.

The responsibility that comes with civic power is crucial; the nationalists have abused that power. The SNP have ascended to a cosmic political height; their recent achievements are unsurpassed in electoral history. But let’s be clear, the SNP have demonstrated irresponsibility with power akin to a wayward teenager; their decision making a vertiginous shit stained mess, and as a consequence Scotland’s saviours have turned Scotland’s public services,  once recognised for their excellence across the globe,   into an international joke. The Holyrood committees, whose primary purpose is to hold the Scottish Government to account, are crammed with a shocking cabal of pliable misfits, a mirage of MSPs, a vast array of plastic politicians, wretched runners for a wretched cause, that neglect their civic responsibility to scrutinize the government, and nod along with their masters with all the determined fury of a Motorhead fan listening to Ace of Spades.


Yousaf: Oversaw the Slow Collapse of the Transport Network

Free of oversight, the Scottish Government exacts its agenda with dire consequences for the ordinary individual. The economy has shrunk, education standards have taken a permanent lousy turn; the NHS is ailing, and the transport network is creaking. All power is subsumed into that ideological skank and intellectual whore, separation.  Power is a grim idol that the world adores, said William Hazlitt and so it has come to pass.  So caught in the warm embrace of nationalism, and the warm glow of power that the SNP exert, these so called critics of parliament have become, caught in the tide of hysteria, obstinate adherents to the SNP, have become a society of the divine right; traitors to civic responsibility. This complacency is borne out in the behaviour of MP’s.  Two MP’s –  Natalie McGarry and Michelle Thompson – are under police investigation;  while Angus MacNeil uses tax payer money to pay for hotel rooms for his lewd infidelity. We demand an apology for this abuse of power.


Both MP’s are Despicable Opportunists

An apology for the political sham that was the 2014 separation referendum should always be offered. Sturgeon has shown a sectarian contempt for the majority of Scots that voted for the Union, and infected the body politic with a nationalistic poison leading to political dysfunction. Good governments govern for all, but she willfully ignores the better half of Scotland, the reasoned and thoughtful half. In my opinion, the SNP and those voters who voted for separation in 2014, should be thanking us for being possessed with the sense to reject their vote for separation. The separatists based the entire future of our country on fictional oil figures. The beloved beacon of social democracy, Norway, does not behave with such wanton recklessness; you know why? Because the price of commodities are unstable and prone to catastrophic collapse. Where would Scotland be now? Free?!?! No! We would be enthralled to the IMF and like Ireland post 2008, economists would be running our public finances; like Latvia, our NHS slashed and privatised; like Greece, our pensions liquidated, and like Europe eternally tethered to a poisonous currency and an austerity super state. Should these voters value freedom they should be down on their knees begging us for forgiveness. You almost destroyed the country. Today, nationalists, call that near act of suicide, failure. And you want another vote!?!?!  Are you mad??  Well we should be! Should anyone ever question your patriotism tell them this sweet fact: our vote for the union saved us from turning Scotland into Greece, pimped out by the IMF to the highest bidder.

The Scottish National Party 2017 Spring Conference Day Two

The Age of the Messianic Politics: Followers are Beguiled by Power

Is there any humility for 2014? Any recognition of the momentous blunder? No. In fact, Sturgeon has doubled down on her utopian vision and upped her hatred of the UK, undermining the UK by going to the EU to seek allies in her Godly crusade, what an emphatically profane act of arrogance. Horrified by the brass neck of such actions, the EU paid for her ticket home.  In a move replicating Irish nationalism, Sturgeon went to America to seek sympathisers to her cause. What exactly is the First Minister thinking? Her senses fully detached of reason, she feels it acceptable to stir sentiment for the destruction of the British state in America while still demanding equality in the British parliament? Is this some C.S. Lewis fantasy where the laws of the nature do not apply? We demand an apology for this lack of humility and continued insult to the Scottish people

When Alice chased the rabbit down the Rabbit hole she found the mad hatter. When Sturgeon chased the nationalist dream down the rabbit hole she did so, hand-in hand and headlong, already with accompanied by a prattling idiot, Alex Salmond. In this universe treating people with perfect disrespect and expecting parity in return is believable, but oor tartan Alice is in for a rude awakening. Hubris is swiftly accompanied by nemesis, and Sturgeon, with her arrogance and lack of humility, is setting herself up to be the another example of that great political mythology, nemesis.  That may very well come in the form of a Conservative resurgence in June.


Snap General Election: Tory Gains in Scotland?


For all those living on the dark side of the moon or in the deep and mysterious world of the dark internet, today, the British Minister, Theresa May, announced a snap General Election.  For the cynical, the PM’s u-turn has been greeted as a shameless opportunistic leap to paint the entire map of Britain Tory blue, dissolve the NHS, and take benefits away from the disabled with the view of burning them as alternatives to fossil fuels. These predictions are only half true.  The point remains that the PM must be in possession of some privileged information that gives her confidence to make this decision. She is seeking a landslide, but how can she do it and how will Scotland and the never-ending constitutional question influence the election?

As  much as the SNP would like to frame England and “the English” as  a country of  immense unthinking troglodytes, many variations exist. Recently, I read, the English and Their History by  Robert Tombs, and it laid bare the amazing complexity of England,  Britain’s largest country is a rich mosaic of competing regions.  The English Civil War and the Glorious Revolution gave rise to the Whig and Tory party, the birth of the two-party system, and an adversarial politics fought with a fierce sectarian loyalty.   The same historical influence can be seen when we talk about the north south divide, nothing has changed since the 19th century.  The Chartist Movement, radical reformers and passionately anti-Tory,  where located in around the major cities of the north, Manchester, Leeds, London, and the Midlands.  Should you look at a map you would be astounded to discover the similarity between Chartism and present day Labour voting patterns.

The same applies to religion. Non-conformism was prevalent in the North and was  characterized as anti-establishment, prone to militancy, with a paranoid and wildly cynical view of Tory motives, and views politics as a moral struggle. Sound familiar?  The Tory heartlands were predominantly Anglican and have rarely changed over time. There is also the South West, in the 19th century Cornwall was an impenetrable enclave that the cosmopolitan elites thought of as remote as the Scottish Highlands. These divisions are long-standing and have given us great sporting rivalries and cherished local peculiarities.  The difficulty for Theresa May is that these local ties are strong and she will find it near impossible to shift the great Labour heartlands into Conservative enthusiasts.

To make significant gains the Tories must hold onto what they while making in-roads in Scotland, the North, London, or Wales. As I said above, the north will hold, Sunderland and Teesside are not going to vote Tory, ever. London, the liberal heart of the nation,  is brimming with Brexit fury and could leak votes to the Liberal Democrats.

What appears to be happening is the Tory heartlands are more Tory and there is a greater Tory vote on traditional Labour areas, which is distorting the figures, but is not  not enough to win oust Labour MPs. This creates problems in the first past the post system, support in a predominantly Tory heartland going from 60% to 70% makes no difference to their chances of winning a landslide. It could be 100% but it wouldn’t mean  the Tories would get more seats.  Given some areas of England are impenetrable, where will Theresa May pick up seats?

Wrapped in the ideological pitch battle of separation, Scotland could be profitable hunting ground for the Conservatives. The Scottish Elections in 2016 saw a significant shift to Conservative voting. Across the board, there was a 10% swing to Ruth Davidson’s party. What is more revealing, are the regional differences within Scotland. As with England, the SNP portray Scotland as a homogeneous entity, thinking the same way and voting the same way, but there are regional differences.  Perthshire, Angus, Caithness, Ayrshire, the Borders, South Midlothian, Aberdeenshire, and South Midlothian and Tweed-dale saw impressive increases in Conservative voting, a swing of around 15%.  Once voters have consciously brought themselves to the point of voting for the Conservatives in a Scottish Election,  they will vote for Theresa May in the General Election.  Riding on the wave of Scottish Unionism, the possibility exists that the Conservatives could pick up 5 seats in Scotland.

  1. Aberdeenshire West. The Scottish Conservatives won this seat with a 17% swing.  A constituency clearly unhappy with the constitutional question,  this could fall into Conservative hands.

    Aberdeenshire West

    2016 Scottish Election, Source BBC

  2. Dumfries & Galloway. The SNP have a majority of 6,000. However, they  voted for the Conservatives in the Scottish Election and will be on the Tory radar.


    2016 Scottish Election, Source, BBC

  3. Ettrick, Berwickshire, and Roxburgh. The SNP majority of less than 300 will disappear. A Conservative win. They voted overwhelmingly Conservative in the 2015 Scottish Election.

    Berwickshire, Roxburgh, & Selkirk

    UK General Election, 2015, Source BBC

  4. Perthshire North. The SNP have a significant majority, but there is a chance of Tory victory. Even though this seat was held by SNP heavyweight John Swinney,  he lost 12.5% of the vote.

    North Perthshire

    2016 Scottish Election, Source BBC

  5. Moray. The seat of Deputy Leader and full-time blow hard, Angus Robertson. WIth any luck this incredible annoyance will be consigned to the dustbin of history. He has a good chance of keeping his seat, given his publicity. At the Scottish Election,  the SNP vote fell by 11% and the Conservative vote rose by 18%. Should voting patterns replicate themselves the Conservatives will win Moray.


    UK General Election, 2015, Source BBC

There are a few caveats to these projections. The SNP have the advantage of relying on Labour’s gerrymandering tactics from Tony Blair’s day, so the boundaries naturally favour the SNP. However, there is room for at least 4 or maybe 5 seats to be won in Scotland. If May can pick these up along with 7 or 8 in England and then a few in Wales, she has an increased majority, but she should be wary. The Liberal Democrats could win back voters in the South West,  this is predominantly a liberal democrat area, and could easily switch back in June. However,  Scotland and Wales combined could reap ten seats. Either way, how Scotland votes will be crucial in this election. Should a Scotland deliver 5 or 6 Conservative MP’s, the question of separation and Brexit becomes increasingly complex and more difficult to resolve.