Six Jim Carrey Performances that Capture the Essences of that Nigel Farage Brexit Speech


Liar Liar

One of Carrey’s best performances. Through sheer comedic talent the Canadian takes a thin script and manufactures a robust, enjoyable and memorable yarn. There are deeper elements at play, however. As Seth Rogen’s character Cal says in The 40 Year Old Virgin “I watched this movie called Liar Liar and the message was don’t lie and that was a smart movie.” Truth, right there. Clearly Farage has never seen the 90’s classic and appreciated the subtle nuances and sub-plots. Instead, the speech was an incoherent political nightmare and reminded the viewer of Liar Liar’s court room speech.


2. Dumb and Dumber

Farce at its finest and Carrey excels as the hapless failed human being, Lloyd. Farage is more arse than farce, though, and is unfortunately not limited to the  world of low-budget Hollywood fiction; God’s creation of the perfect annoyance. For any sane member of the homo-sapien family this classic scene from Dumb and Dumber  frames their views on that Brexit speech

3.The Mask

Everyone is fond of the early 90’s rib tickler. Carrey is brilliant; overblown, rude, and uproariously selfish. Most people would agree that the unctuous UKIPPER is all of these and should wear a mask as he daily robs refugees and immigrants of their dignity and human decency. This scene contains all the intellectual complexity of Farage’s speech and our response to the unearthing of such momentous political revelations.


Bruce Almighty

Not Carrey’s finest work but a fitting tribute to a narcissist with a God-Complex. In the most memorable scene, Bruce enacts his vengeance by channeling his Godly powers through his nemesis, Evan Baxter. Hilarity ensues. During his Brexit speech Farage decided to channel his Bill Pullman. No hilarity ensued. Always willing to fail at topical wit Farage re-enacted President Whitmore’s Independence Day speech and declared “Today we celebrate our Independence Day.” No surprise for a man who views foreigners as aliens who must be resisted. In the end, Farage sounded a lot like poor Evan Baxter.


Ace Ventura Pet Detective

Where Ventura is fascinated by animals; Farage is obsessed with portraying people as animals. Jim Carrey does a stellar turn at a re-enactment of Farage’s speech.


The Mask Again

As Family Guy and the Simpsons have resoundingly proven, it is always fit and proper to close a topic with a musical. Many issues fueled the Brexit Campaign, immigration was Farage’s hot topic. This distorted reality and the real issues. Where people needed fundamental truths a veil appeared riddled with fear and loathing of foreigners. The British people were conned and intellectual injustice prevailed. In the Mask, Carrey escapes justice by performing an outrageous Caribbean musical. Caught in the moment the police and authorities take their eye of the ball and Carrey eludes justice. Politics is the art of deception. However tenuous both deceived on a monstrous scale and Cuban Pete could be interpreted as a meditation on the art of political misdirection. You could say, it’s not very nice and full of vice.



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